eLV System


ELV System

Basic DOT ElectroMechanical offers an ELV system, meaning the merchandise operates on low voltage that does not exceed 35V AC. because the ELV system doesn’t interfere with the primary electrical system it occupies most of the residential and commercial buildings across UAE. Our ELV security solutions include Structured Cabling, CCTV surveillance, Access system, Barriers, Smatv, Public Address System, Audio/Video Intercom and other ELV systems.




Structured Cabling may well be an entire system of cabling telecommunication infrastructure that integrates voice, data and video services. This infrastructure provides telephone services or transmit data through a network. We wish structured cabling in Dubai because this needs less maintenance, provides better real data, long lasting connection and quick transmission. Installation of structured cabling design needs specific standards for wiring various entities.


CCTV television system


CCTV plays an important role in today’s economy. Crimes and thefts have increased nowadays which means we can’t be able to keep a watch on expensive equipment. therefore the surveillance camera took over the guard’s duty and experienced higher levels of security. Variety kinds of CCTV cameras which suit different situations and selecting the right one is important. CCTV is installed from multinational companies to private homes to record activities around the workspace.




Boom barriers are widely used everywhere in Dubai, which can be a bar to allow the boom to dam vehicular or pedestrian access through an effect point. These electro-mechanical devices can run continuously without generating heat,so this might be operated continuously. they’re typically found at level crossings, parking facilities, drawbags and entrance to restricted areas. Some boom gates are automatic and powered, others are manually controlled.




Satellite Master Antenna Television abbreviated to SMTV is also a system that uses multiple satellites and broadcast signals to create one. This uses integrated cable signals for distribution to a cabling network . The aim of SMATV is for supplying and controlling several channels of different types to multiple televisions. Not only TV channels but FM channels similarly. In other words, using the SMATV system you will be ready to start your own in-house cable company.




A Public Address System (PA system) is utilized for amplifying the human voice. P.A. is an electronic system which consists of microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, mixer and related equipment.  It increases the apparent loudness of somebody’s voice, device recorded sound or music.




Audio and video intercom systems play a significant role in access control for security purposes. An intercom system is a two way communication device that uses different  circuits for transmitting and receiving audio and video. They function a preferred component of home security in today’s world.




Extra Low Voltage system employed in several residential and commercial buildings for better control and security. within the trendy times several crimes are easily solved using these elv systems.

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